The Arrest 

DUI process starts the instant the police suspects impaired driving, generally after observing traffic violations or traffic accident. If the police suspects driver of being under the influence, they will ask that driver to do a series of field sobriety tests. They will keep your license with them if you are found to be driving under influence.

Petition For License 

Within 3 months of arrest, the driver may petition court for the hearing to withdraw the suspension and should be offered a hearing within a month of filing additionally or on initial court date. It’s a civil case wherein burden of proofs is on driver to prove any one of the 4 limited elements of inappropriate police procedures. However, you can also hire us to help you with the same.

The Trial 

DUI charge in itself is criminal charge. In the court, driver will appear before a judge and he/she will be told about the charges against him. Evidences will be then exchanged between driver’s and prosecutor and a pretrial motion will be filed. Post trial, the jury or judge will make findings of being guilty or not being guilty.


Now if the findings isn’t guilty, then that driver will be quickly discharged without any consequences. 

If finding is guilty, sentence hearing will then be held. If you are charged with DUI offense, you require representation of an aggressive and experienced Dui Attorneys. Call us instantly to protect your legal rights all through the DUI procedure.